Thursday, October 21, 2010

70 movies to watch when you are sick


Now this isnt a list of the best movies of all time, (though some of them are) but it is more of a list of some of the most fun movies of all time. (excluding some due to not being sick appropriate. I’m Looking at you Alien/s)

In no particular order also sorry for all of the spelling, and gramaticle errors. (yes grammatical is spelled incorrectly)

  1. Demolition Man (This movie Isnt good. But what it lacks in quality it makes up for in Ridicoulousness, following the vain of the 80's action movie, who can resist a world where swearing is illegal, Every resturaunt is taco bell, and If you dont know how to use the 3 sea shells your pretty much screwed.)
  2. Fifth Element(Once again the future is great when your in bed and unable to go outside. The whole cast of this movies rocks it, while also being just in general one of the best scifi movies of the last 20 years.)
  3. Princess Bride(Its a movie about a grand father reading a book to his kid (fred savage) WHILE HE IS SICK. This movie is made for your germ ridden self. Not to mention Sword fights giants, OLR's....Would anybody Like a Penut)
  4. Star Wars (4) (The next three movies SHOULDNT BE EXPLAINED IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THEM YOU ARE A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING. Now though because im nice, ill give so reasons to watch em. Star Wars is the perfect example of the Heros story. A Youth with tons of potential, meets a wizard who gives him a destiny, they meet up with the wiley rouge on a mission to save the princess, from the EVIL EMPIRE)(oh yah LIGHTSABERS AND SPACE BATTLES. Also if you pay attention almost every movie has an R2-D2 and C3P0 duo in it)
  5. Empire Strikes Back (5) (taking the brilliant story telling of the first and MAKING IT BETTER, This one is much darker, IN FACT THEY LOOSE....ALLOT. Luke no hand, Han frozen in carbonite, Hoth DESTROYED BY AT-AT, Not to mention there is an underlying Romance through out the whole thing)
  6. Return of the Jedi (6) (So all of the Awesomeness comes to its Crescendo in this movie. there is a signifact group of people who consider this there favorite movie. The space battle awesome, JAbas palace awesome, and you know what...EWOKS AWESOME they are a metaphor for Vietnam By the way.
  7. Back to the Future Part 1(Who doesnt love a story with a crazy mad scientest and a yong youth Traveling in time.)
  9. Twister(this movie seems to be over looked allot, trust me its worth it.)
  10. Jurassic Park(This is the first movie to make a thing ALIVE with CGI, and it doesnt over use it like most crap these days, velicoraptors are still to this day one of the scarriest monsters to ever cross the movie screen. And the Trex ENDS UP BEING THE HERO HUZZAH!!!)
  11. Jaws(The original block buster,The cast phenomanal. This is a movie that has caused more hydrophobia then any other thing on the planet. EVEN REAL SHARKS)
  12. Princess Mononoke (its an anime i get it, Wine i dont like cartoons cause i'm immature (yes that seems like the opposite) one should look at the quality of a picture not the medium of a picture. So get over it and watch this movie. It is beautiful, the idea of animal vs man, Machine vs Nature, Death vs life, and how its all really the same thing plus a love story that knocks you off your socks.
  13. James Bond: Goldfinger(its the original james bond, Super spy takes on evil millionare with a head cutting hat throwing henchman.)
  14. Doctor strange love and how i stopped worrying and learned love the bomb. (In the dark era of the cold war this movie made light of the fact that at any moment the powers that be could kill us all with the press of a button. And its hillarious)
  15. Batman Forever (jim carrey, and tommy lee jones) (yes there may be better batmans, but the acting chops of this movies two villains make this movie. Its campy, but so was batman.)
  16. High Fedelity (for a man make a list, this movie is a no brainer, During his current break up, John Cusack the music geek king, goes through his top 5 worst break ups of all time.)
  17. Ferris Buelers Day Off (Some of these are hard just cause, IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT WHAT THE FUCK!!!. so breif over view, King of high school Ferris plays hookie with his girl freind and best friend. AND have the day of their lives.)
  18. Chasing Amy (Romantic comedy, kevin smith style a comic book writer, falls in love with a girl, she ends up having a sordid past, and fights ensue. Jason Lee his best freind may be the funniest reason to watch the movie, but in true kevin smith fashion, this movie has allot of heart.)
  19. Resevoir Dogs(Cut out the mr orange back story) (if you havent seen it dont cut out the mr orange story line cause its important to the plot, If you have seen it, its unnessary and you just need to get back to all the good stuff. From the sound track, to the dialogue, to the end Great movie.)
  20. Kill Bill Volume 1 (the second one is great dont get me wrong but for good old fashion Aweomse just watch the first one.)
  21. Goonies(a group of oddball kids go on an adventure to find a lost treasure, TRUFFLE SHUFFLE)
  22. Top Gun (the quintessential Air force movie, that is so gay its not gay.)
  23. Last Star Fighter (Kid wins video games, INtergallactic organization is using video game to recruit pilots for there army. KID JOINS ALIEN ARMY. jetpack.)
  24. Dogma (kevin smiths fantasy movie. Two fallen angels have to get back to heaven, and the cast (great great great niece of jesus, a muse, the black appostle, and a prophet that speaks to much, and one that doesnt speak at all) ahve to stop them)
  25. The Original Xmen Movie (the third being one of the worst of all time, this one is limited by the fact that it has to introduce and develope its cast...WHICH IS A GOOD THING.)
  26. Independence Day (Aliens attack the planet blowing up most of our cities in one of the most iconic movie explosions of all time. and it has one of the best movie speaches on top of that)
  27. Men in Black (Will smith at his greatest (or well maybe the last movie) joins a "goverment" organization charged with dealing with aliens...the space kind. witty, and action packed. )
  28. History of the world part 2 (mel brooks tells us his version of some of the worlds historical events and tehy are all hillarious. oh and there isnt a part 1)
  29. Major League (THE quintessential baseball movie. GO INDIANs)
  30. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana jones is a bad ass oh you have a sword, Bam gun.)
  31. Indiana jones and the templ of doom (Arguably the worst (fuck you crystal skulls) Its stil fantastic. Short round, and heart ripping cultists PLUS MONKEY BRAINS FOR DESERT)
  32. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (indys got dady issues thank you Sean Connery)
  33. 10 things i hate about you (ITs the taming of the shrew set in highschool in the 90's one of the best if not the best teen comedy from that era)
  34. A knights tale(In no way historically accurate, but its taking the modern sports movie formula and MAKING IT ABOUT JOUSTING.)
  35. The scream (the perfect example of horror of the 90's, A killer is preying on the teens of a nice suburban town but as long as you follow the rules of the horror movie genre you will survive)
  36. Garden State (Ill be lying if part of this is really about the sound track. which is beautifull. But the love story in it is also touching, and its a great coming home story.)
  37. Pleasentville (A brother and sister are sucked into a perfect picture 1950's tv show. And open up the whole shows eyes to how wonderful the world can be.)
  38. Hook (PETER PAN GOT OLD, robin williams vs Dustin hoffman. What up)
  39. Lion King(hey its hamlet, and probably the best disney movie of all time, oh and hey they are all lions, oh wait And the music is fantastic. I got an award in sports camp when i was five because i would walk around playing the soudntrack from this movie on repeat. also still holds the record for the most times ive seen a movie in theaters. 9)
  40. Beauty and the Beast (I'm running into the problem that most of these movies are so good that im saying the same things about them, but really look at lion king, but change lions to house hold objects, and hamlet to a story about a cursed prince who needs to be saved by true love)
  42. matrix (ONLY THE FIRST ONE) (dont let the sequals tarnish the fact that this is one of the best movies ever made. from action to actually making you question your own reality. this movie has it all)
  43. Catch me if you can (tom hanks vs leanardo decaprio, in a great game of Cat and mouse)
  44. Ground Hog Day (what would you do if you had to repeat the same day over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Not only is this movie hillarious, its also extremely touching and has the message of paying attention to the little things in life.)
  45. Starship troopers(another great action movie, Its gory to the extreme, but in more of a hillarious way then a serious way. It's message of Military extremism are also very interesting.PLUS GIANT BUGS KILLING EACH OTHER)
  46. Dazed and confused (a 90's movies set in the first days of summer in the 70's)
  47. Breakfast club (john hughes best work, five completely different highschool stereotypes learn to love each other in saturday detention)
  48. Sixteen Candles (Who hasnt had there birthday forgotten, and perfect shout out to all of those teenagers who are feeling ignored by the places they exist in)
  49. How To train your dragon (The only thing bad about htis movie, is that you dont have your own pet dragon when you leave)
  50. Pirates of the carribean (THis series was so close to being hte next star wars, but it failed. Though that has more to do with the sequals. The first one is great,Pirates skeletons, treasure and an amazing performance from Mr. Johnny depp)
  51. Superman (the orginal) (This is the movie that made comic book movies, not to mention its the movie that made us feel like we could fly. perfect for being sick in bed.)
  52. Terminator 2 (when a super killing machine from the future comes to kill you and your son, the only way to take it on....your own super killing machine from the future.)
  53. Clue (Based on the board game, tim curry gives us a fantastic performance, and the fact taht there are three different endings is the icing on the board game)
  54. Moulin rouge(one of the more endearing love stories of the last decade. Not to mention one of the most creativly visual movies. )
  55. Usual Suspects(perfect crime movie, i dont want to ruin it though next)
  56. Mulan (MYSTERIES AS THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOONNNNNNNN. a story about a girl joining the military as man where teh penalty for being found out is death. With her side kicks a fialed dragon, and a lucky cricket can mulan save china?)
  57. Oceans 11(only the first one) (one of the better hiest movies, and who hasnt thought of stealing from a casino before)
  58. The Great Escape (A group of war prisoners in nazi germany are duty bound to escape even though they arent being treated that badly. Oh and if you watched the show recess as a kid It based on this movie.)
  59. Center Stage (Deffinitly a guilty pleasure but the ballet in this movie is great and it really shows the pressure a ballerina goes through to succeed)
  60. Annie Hal (woody allen in love, one of the best romantic comedies of all time...period)l
  61. Idle Hands(What do you do when your hand gets possesed by the devil it kills your two best freinds who resurect themselves, and have to save the girl. Hilariousness is what you do)
  62. ET (Taking the classic boy finds stray pet storyline and then making it about aliens, the love shared between the main character and ET is so touching that it scares you at times.)
  63. (honeslty anything by John Hughes, or Kevin smith really)
  64. Serenity (the end to one of the sadest cancelations of a show ever, It space cowboys done perfectly)
  65. Predetors (So your in a jungle and one of the greatest killing machines in the universe is hunting you. how do you deal with it. Arnold is how you deal with it)
  66. Cloudy With A Chance of meetballs (trust me highly underrated, it doesnt take itself seriously when it matters nad is really really good)
  67. Spaceballs(its star wars but by mel gibson. PIZAA THE HUTT)
  68. Alladin (the diamond in the ruff (alladin) finds a magic lamp with a genie in it, robin williams. Its just so good....see Mulan, Lion kind, and beauty and the beast)
  69. Land before time 1 (4 dinosaur children seperatly from their familys must get to the GREAT VALLEY because the rest of there world is running out of food, and is becoming increasing dangerous. Each character is so endearing, not to mention the villain of the Trex is so good that its really sad that the 88 sequals have tarnished this movie)
  70. The Mask (In my opinion this is jim carreys best comidic work)


  1. I love your list. I read the whole thing! I agree with almost all your picks. I have some suggestions: 28 Days Later, The Sixth Sense, Terminator 1, Alien, The Exorcist, The Little Mermaid, The Big Lebowski, The Godfather 1 & 2, any Monty Python movie. xoxo

  2. i dont know who cynthia wilde is but i am glad that she included the big lebowski

  3. Captain Kangaroo16 November, 2010 17:37

    Woah, I just found his page on stumble upon. Thats a pretty cool list you got there! Except that Aladdin doesn't have two L's in it and the joke for the three sea shells should have been "then you're shit out of luck"

  4. Mel brooks did spaceballs not mel Gibson

  5. Top Gun is Naval Aviation. PLEASE NEVER CONFUSE THE NAVY WITH THE AIRFORCE AGAIN. EVER!!!!! (so insulting)

    1. Yes for the Air Force. HAHA

  6. Mate...your terrible
    Learn how to write and do more thorough research on movies

  7. It's "History of the World Part I", there was never an official part II made -- not the other way around. That said, at the end of the film you get to see a few ideas for the sequel including: A Viking Funeral with a visual gag about Viking helmets, Hitler on Ice, and Jews -- In -- Space! with a catchy tune which continues to play as the credits roll. Not surprisingly (if you're a fan of Mel Brooks) that tune makes another appearance in the Men In Tights titular song.

  8. *cough* Spaceballs is by MEL BROOKS.

  9. Best movie list I've seen. You have outstanding (and diverse) taste!

  10. I had to comment. This is a good list. But you have an awesome way of sharing your taste. I hope your making money writing columns or something.